UAMS, Ultrasound Imaging Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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The Ultrasound Imaging Core maintains a high-resolution ultrasound system for noninvasive imaging of small laboratory animals (Vevo 3100, FUJIFILM VisualSonics). The core provides investigators with training and services regarding ultrasound scanning and data analysis for their research.

The Vevo 3100 incorporates solid-state array transducers designed for high-resolution (down to 30 μm) and high frame rate (up to 740 frames per second) ultrasound. The system is ideal for noninvasive imaging of tumors, assessment of cardiovascular function, kidney perfusion, and many other applications in small animals (mice, rats, small rabbits).

Capabilities of the system include:

  • 2D and 3D imaging in B-mode
  • M-mode single line acquisition for left ventricular function analysis
  • Color and Pulsed-wave Doppler for visualization and quantification of blood flow
  • Contrast or targeted imaging with the use of microbubbles

The core has separate workstations with up to date Vevo 3100 software for the analysis of ultrasound recordings.

Services Provided

  • Maintenance of the Vevo 3100 system and its facility.
  • Training of investigators in the use of the Vevo 3100, analysis of ultrasound recordings, and interpretation of the results.
  • Performing ultrasound scanning and analysis of recordings on select animal models.

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