UA, Trace Element and Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory

University of Arkansas

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The Trace Element and Radiogenic Isotope Lab at the University of Arkansas is home to the following equipment:

  • Thermo Icap Q ICP-MS - The Icap Q is a quadrapole ICP MS equipped with a kinetic energy/collision cell for interference removal or reaction gas addition. The Icap can accept analytes from solution samples with the ASX-560 autosampler or Laser Ablation with the ESI 193. The Icap is also equipped with Chromcontrol for the control and acquisition data from our ICS-6000 ion chromatography system.
  • Nu Plasma MC-ICP-MS - The Nu Plasma high resolution MC-ICPMS is a double focusing ICP-MS equipped with 12 faraday cups and 3 electron multipliers. This mass spectrometer is also equipped with a high abundance retardation lens associated with the central ion-counting channel, variable slits for high resolution. Our system can employ traditional wet plasma or a dry plasma with a ESI Apex desolvating system. Both options utilizes an SC-2 autosample. A range of nebulizer uptakes are regular used to optimize data based on sample size and concentration.
  • ESI NWR 193 - The NWR193 is a laser ablation system equipped with an ATL 193 nM excimer laser. Spot sizes from 10-150 um are possible using the variable aperture. The sample chamber is a TV2 with 100×100 travel and can accommodate multiple slides, pucks and or standards. The system has bi-directional communication with the ICP. We use the system for our Geochronology and mapping research.
  • Thermo ICS-6000 IC - The ICS-6000 is a dual channel ion chromatography for the analysis of major cations (channel 1) or anions (channel 2) using eluent generation and suppressed conductivity detections. The system is equipped with an AS-AP autosample that can accommodate 120 samples at a time for automated high-through put analysis. The system is also interfaced to our ICap for redox and organometallics.
  • ESI Micromill - The mill is used for solid microsampling typically for isotope analysis. The system is equipped with transmitted and reflected light, 7-40x optical zoom, and sub-micron motion control. It is ideal for sampling growth line, fracture fills and individual crystal grains.
  • CEM MARS5 - The CEM mars is a versatile microwave digestion system. It can be equipped to do high through put, 40 at a time express vessels (55ml) or more challenging high pressure digestions UltraPrep vessels. The system can accommodate a wide variety of samples and acid chemistries. We have both trace grade and subboiling distilled acid to ensure low blanks.


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