UA, Stable Isotope Laboratory

University of Arkansas

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The Stable Isotope Lab at the University of Arkansas is home to the following equipment:

  • Picarro G2201-I Cavity ring-down spectrometer - Concentration and carbon isotope measurements of CH4 and CO2 gases
  • The EA IsoLink CN analyzer and Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass spectrometer -  Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur analysis of solids
  • Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass with dual Gas Bench II peripherals:
    • Carbonates, DIC and breath CO2 analysis
    • N2O from bacterial reduction of NO3
  • The Shimadzu 2010 Quadrapole GC/MS with FID and liquid and headspace autosampler
  • Delta V Plus IRMS with TCEA and GC-IsoLink and Triplus RSH autosampler
    • TCEA - water and solids for hydrogen and oxygen
    • GC -  compound specific isotope analysis

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