A-State, Plant Phenomics Facility

Arkansas State University

Facility Contact Form orDr. Argelia Lorence (email)

Keywords: phenotype analysis, qualitative trait, quantitative trait, morphology, physiology, biochemistry

The ScanalyzerHTS is a powerful 2D high-throughput phenotyping tool manufactured by LemnaTec (Germany). The Plant Phenomics Facility is equipped with four cameras that collect high resolution images that allow extracting multiple plant features:

  • Size, architecture, chlorosis, necrosis
  • Fluorescence (FLUO) – In planta chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Near Infrared (NIR) – In planta water content
  • Infrared (IR) – Leaf temperature

The Plant Phenomics Facility is equipped to extract readouts of interest from the images using commercial (e.g. LemnaGrid) as well as open source software (e.g. PlantCV 2.0).

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