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Keywords: Nanomaterial, Nanoparticle, Standards

Within the Office of Scientific Coordination, the Nanotechnology Core Facility supports collaborative nanotechnology research within FDA and research between FDA and other government agencies and universities. This facility is well-equipped with advanced analytical equipment, including electron, atomic force and optical microscopy; scattering; diffraction; spectroscopy; fractionation; chromatography; and elemental analysis facilities for nanomaterial assessment. Nanocore research provides information on nanomaterial characterization and the safety of products containing nanomaterials in FDA-regulated products.

Equipment available includes:

      • SEM and TEM with Energy-Dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy
      • FESEM
      • Low Voltage Electron Microscopy
      • Atomic force microscope
      • Optical, confocal raman, and hyperspectral imaging
      • UV-Vis Spectrophotometry, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy
      • Dynamic, static, and X-ray scattering instruments
      • HPLC with UV-Vis, Fluorescence, Charged Aerosol Detector, and evaporative light scattering detector
      • UHPLC/MS
      • Flow fractionation instruments
      • Inductively coupled mass spectrometry
      • TGA/DSC instruments
      • Hyphenated Thermogravimetric Analyzer with FTIR-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

All potential use of NCTR equipment must be aligned with NCTR’s mission and may require a technology transfer agreement:

NCTR conducts scientific research to generate data for FDA decision making, and develops and supports innovative tools and approaches that FDA uses to protect and promote individual and public health.

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