University of Arkansas, National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission (NCREPT)

University of Arkansas

Dr. Alan Mantooth

NCREPT was established for the purpose of investigating solid-state solutions for the electric power grid including protection devices, FACTS and microgrids, as well as energy storage and distributed generation applications. In addition to the academic research being conducted through the center, NCREPT is capable of testing distributed resources under IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards.

NCREPT’s Equipment

  • (1) 750 kVA Variable-Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive (VVVF)
  • (3) 2 MVA Regenerative Electronic Loads (REGEN)
  • (6) 2.5 MVA 3ɸ Resistive Load Bank
  • (1) 600 V/750 kW DC Power Supply
  • (1) 700 kW 3ɸ Resistive Load Bank
  • (1) 10-ton Chiller Unit and Heat Exchanger
  • (1) FasTek CATS 2000 NI-Based Data Acquisition Unit
  • Various Instrumentation and Equipment to Support Research and Testing

Example Tests

  • 0.6 MVA Back-to-Back Converter
  • 500 kVA Solar Inverter
  • SiC Fault Current Limiter v1
  • SiC Fault Current Limiter v2*
  • SiC Power Module (R&D 100 Award)*
  • SiC Electric Vehicle Battery Charger
  • Smart Green Power Node*
  • 480 VAC 1000 A 3ɸ Soft-Start Modules

(*) Denotes a Student Research Project