UA Pine Bluff, Keithley Set up for Optical/Electrical Test and Electrical-Chemical Doping

The set up includes 2 Keithley meters, which offer 7 ½ -digit resolution and basic DCV accuracy of 0.0018%, pA current measurement, which offering exceptional resolution, accuracy and sensitivity. This high-performance digital multimeter not only delivers performance specifications usually associated only with instruments that cost thousands more, but it also offers a broad range of functions not typically available in DMMs. For greater flexibility, a built-in card slot on the rear panel allows an additional multiplexer card for multi-point measurement applications. Combining with the software of Labview and other components such as silicon photon diode, a series of tests can be done by this system, such as current-voltage, current-time, current efficiency-voltage, electro luminance-voltage, luminance-time, et al. Meanwhile, this setup can also be used for the other purposes, such electrical-chemical doping of materials, EC devices driving and testing.

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