UA Pine Bluff, Integrated Microwave Photonics Setup

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

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Keywords: Photodetector, Modulator, Waveguides

  • Integrated microwave photonic (IMWP) testing setup from MLP support chip size measurement up to 10 x 10 mm, multi-die chip stage can be thermally tuned few degrees above ambient temperature, setup is capable of edge and vertical coupling, side and overhead alignment cameras system with adjustment of 25 mm, fiber aligner 25 mm XYZ translation with 6 motorized axes. An enclosure and a purge system from Newport were added to the setup to avoid any atmospheric, water, and CO2 absorption during the measurement. The Matlab-based MLP software is associated with the setup to control the movement of fiber aligners.
  • Vector network analyzer, MS4647B, from Anritsu is capable of measuring frequency response from DC to 70 GHz. Other equipment’s all-in-one BERTWave and sampling oscilloscope from Anritsu, PDAVJ10 2 to 10.6 µm 0.1 GHz and Model 1414 customed designed photodetectors, IR fiber patches, and polarization controller, customed designed modulators from iXblue, IR beam profiler from Thorlabs are under testing phase.
  • InSb Mid-wave Infrared Camera System IRC900 from IR Cameras which is used to monitor the light path on the device to confirm the light propagating through it.
  • Tunable Infrared laser system: The operating wavelength of CLT-2400/1100-2 ranges between 1.9 μm to 3 μm, low energy consumption, equipped with gas and water-cooling system.
  • Tunable Infrared laser system: The operating wavelength of FLT-4350/1000-1 laser system ranges between 3.6 to 5 μm, low energy consumption, equipped with cryostat, gas and water-cooling system.
  • IR Beam Profiler
  • Low noise preamplifier
  • Custom designed IR photodetectors and modulators
  • Optical spectrum analyzer

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