Arkana Labs, Multiplex Imaging Center

The Multiplex Imaging Center (MIC) serves multiple research projects at Arkana, both NIH-funded projects and industry-sponsored projects, as well as internal R&D. The Center also offers contract research services for multiplex immunofluorescence staining and imaging, digital image processing and analysis using AI-based software, and quantitative spatial analysis.

The MIC is a qualified partner with Akoya Biosciences in their CRO Partnership Network, specializing in multiplex immunofluorescence imaging of human tissues. Available equipment includes:

  • Akoya Polaris (PhenoImager HT) 9-color fluorescence and brightfield whole slide scanning microscope with InForm software for spectral unmixing
  • Halo AI image processing software and Halo Link access for remote collaborations (both from Indica Laboratories), and specialized modules for niche image processing projects.
  • Leica laser scanning confocal microscope located on the same corridor, for both high-volume and high-resolution advanced microscopy.
  • Laser capture microdissection microscope for dissection of features from frozen or FFPE tissue sections.

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