Arkana Labs, Histopathology Core Facility

The Arkana Histopathology Lab is CAP/CLIA-certified and processes ~24,000 kidney biopsies per year. Expertise in renal tissue processing is second-to-none in the state of Arkansas and is among the best in the world. Some services are also available for contract and collaborative research via our Histopathology Core Facility, including:

  • Immunohistochemistry - contact for a list of validated biomarkers, using automated tissue staining (BondRX) and DAKO PT Link
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) - 4x JEOL TEM microscopes
  • Slide Scanning - Olympus VS200 high-throughput 4-color fluorescence and brightfield whole slide scanner

If you would like to contact this core facility, please fill out the "Facility Contact Form" on the right of this page. This contact method helps ARA measure the success of the CFE in connecting potential collaborators and will flow directly to the core director’s email inbox.