Mariya V. Khodakovskaya

Dr. Mariya V. Khodakovskaya was Faculty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock from 2008. She is known for her pioneer work in the area of crop improvement by the application of a wide range of carbon-based nanomaterials. The Nature Nanotechnology Journal and the Economist magazine have highlighted her discoveries in the regulation of seed germination and plant growth using nanotechnology. She and her research team developed innovative approaches for the enhancement of plant tolerance to environmental stress using advanced methods of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and nanotechnology.  An important part of her research program is understanding the molecular mechanisms of the positive effects of nanomaterials in crops. To clarify the basis for enhancement of plant productivity and stress tolerance caused by the application of carbon-based nanomaterials, her laboratory is investigating the effects of nanomaterials on total plant transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome.