Dr. Tansel Karabacak

Tansel Karabacak’s research focuses on the properties and applications of nanostructured and thin film materials. He is especially well known for his pioneering work on glancing angle deposited (GLAD) nanostructures. In addition, he developed other novel and simple nanostructure and advanced thin film fabrication techniques such as conformal physical vapor deposited films by small angle deposition (SAD) and high pressure sputtering (HIPS), density modulated thin films by HIPS, and metal oxide nanostructures (MONSTRs) by hot water treatment. He has been working on the applications of nanostructured coatings in alternative energy systems including fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, and hydrogen storage. More recently, Karabacak’s group has also been exploring the applications of their novel materials for superhydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-microbial surfaces, atmospheric water generation, oil-water separation, and photodetectors.