University of Arkansas, High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC)

University of Arkansas

Dr. Kevin Hall

The University of Arkansas’ High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) is one of only a few working laboratories of its kind in the United States located on a university campus. Since its inception, HiDEC personnel have pursued a program of excellence in research and education, which has earned the program an international reputation.

HiDEC houses laboratories for thin film fabrication, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) processing, electronic assembly, electrical characterization, and reliability testing. Other auxiliary labs include “wet” laboratory facilities for nanoscale synthesis, and printed circuit board (PCB) or direct bond copper/aluminium (DBC/DBA) patterning.


Analytical Laboratory

  •     SIEG 3501 CNC Milling Machine
  •     Nordson Dage 4000 Multipurpose Bondtester
  •     Buehler Ecomet4 Polisher with Automet 2 Powerhead
  •     Despatch LEY1-55H Series Humidity Environmental Test Chamber
  •     Anatech Hummer VI-A SEM Sputter Coater
  •     Makerbot Replicator 2X
  •     Mendel Max RepRap 3D Printer
  •     Sonix UHR2001 Scanning Acoustic Microscope

 Assembly Laboratory

  •     Finetech Sigma 2406
  •     Kulicke & Soffa Industries Model 982-10 Dicing Saw
  •     Fisher Isotemp Vacuum Oven Model 281A
  •     Kulicke & Soffa Industries Model 4700 Combination Wedge/Ball Wire Bonder
  •     Kulicke and Soffa Industries Model 960-8 Tape Mounter
  •     Orthodyne Model 20 Wire Bonder
  •     Sikama 5/C Reflow Oven
  •     Kulicke & Soffa Industries 4523 Wedge Bonder

Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) Equipment

  •     PTC CS-MLC Hot Knife Cutter
  •     Diener electronic PICO 5
  •     LTCC fumehood
  •     Fisher 750 Force Draft Furnace
  •     Thermo Scientific 55.3L Box Furnace
  •     Microtec 550TVC Screen printer
  •     HMI MSP-885 Screen Printer
  •     USHIO MP4150SL Automatic Puncher
  •     SST International Model 3130 Vacuum/Pressure furnace

Nano Synthesis Laboratory

  •     Beckman Coulter DU 730 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  •     Rigaku Miniflex XRD

Reliability Equipment

  •     Delta Design 9023 Environmental Test Chamber
  •     Delta Design 9059 Environmental Test Chamber
  •     Despatch 16000 Series Oven
  •     Hirayam PC-305S Pressure Cooker
  •     Tabai liquid bath type thermal shock chamber TSB-1L

Thin Film Cleanroom

  •     Amerimade (acid) Wet Bench
  •     Chemcut SA2315 Spray Etcher
  •     EBL Fumehood
  •     LFE Asher APE110
  •     Suss Microtec MA4 Contact Aligner
  •     Suss Microtec MJB3 Contact Aligner
  •     RTC LA-306 IR Belt Furnace
  •     Kepro Dry Film Laminator
  •     Microcircuit Engineering Corp. Exposure System
  •     Thermolyne Type 2200 Hot Plate