UAMS, Experimental Radiation Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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The Experimental Radiation Core maintains and operates equipment and facilities to deliver ionizing radiation for research use. The core can deliver X- and γ-rays at a broad range of dose rates and radiation field sizes for a variety of purposes, such as irradiation of cell cultures, animal whole body irradiation, irradiation of animal tumor models or other (image guided) partial-body irradiation. In addition, the core has two strontium-90 sources for small-field superficial exposures with β-radiation.

Core Services

  • Maintenance of radiation equipment and radiation dosimetry
  • Assistance in design and development of new animal and cell culture radiation models
  • Assistance and training in whole body or localized irradiation of animal models
  • Assistance and training in radiation exposure of cell cultures

Equipment and Facilities

  • Cesium source irradiator (J.L. Shepherd) used for animal whole body/partial body and cell culture exposures to γ-rays.
  • Cesium source irradiator (J.L. Shepherd) used for chronic exposure of animals to low-dose rate γ-rays.
  • Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP, Xstrahl). This system incorporates cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging and radiation planning software to deliver precise X-ray beams to anatomical targets, similar to clinical radiation therapy.
  • X-Rad 320 (Precision X-Ray). This is an x-ray cabinet for the irradiation of cell cultures and small animals.

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