UAMS, Experimental Pathology (ExPath) Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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The UAMS Experimental Pathology (ExPath) Core Laboratory provides researchers with centralized, comprehensive histological services. The laboratory can process and section tissues for use in biochemical, molecular, and pathologic studies. In addition, the laboratory works with investigators to develop immunostaining approaches to detect specific targets of interest and to identify clinical pathologists who can assist with image analysis and data interpretation. The laboratory director, consultants, and technicians have extensive experience in routine histology and immunohistochemistry involving human and animal tissues.

Services Provided

  • Tissue Processing and Embedding: The laboratory can process and paraffin embed tissues for downstream analysis.
  • Tissue Sectioning: The lab is equipped to section frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues. Sections can be prepared for slides, molecular and biochemical studies, and laser capture dissection.
  • Tissue Staining: The laboratory provides a variety of standard pathological stains for the histochemical analysis of tissues. In addition, the laboratory works with investigators to develop immunostaining approaches for detecting specific targets of interest.
  • Slide Scanning and Imaging: The laboratory is equipped with an Aperio digital slide scanner that can capture whole-slide images at 20x and 40x for subsequent analysis and archiving. In addition, the laboratory has an Akoya Mantra™ multispectral imaging system for capturing images with up to seven different colors on a single slide.
  • Consultation: Project planning is facilitated by consultation with investigators before project submission to the ExPath laboratory. ExPath staff can assist with antibody selection and optimization, protocol development, and troubleshooting. In addition, investigators can consult with clinical pathologists regarding data analysis and interpretation.






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