UAMS, Experimental Pathology (ExPath) Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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The Experimental Pathology (ExPath) Core Laboratory provides investigators with centralized, comprehensive histological services. By providing a centralized laboratory, the ExPath Core offers convenient access to a variety of services within one facility, saves costs for investigators and the institution, increases efficiency of sample processing, eliminates duplication of services and equipment, and maintains stringent quality control standards.

The laboratory director, consultants, and technicians have extensive experience in routine histology and immunohistochemistry involving both human and animal tissues.


Services Provided


  • Tissue Processing and Sectioning: The laboratory has the ability to process and paraffin embed tissue using a Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E300 tissue processor and a Tissue-Tek embedding center. To section frozen tissue, the lab is equipped with a Microm HM505E Cryostat and to section paraffin-embedded tissues, the lab is equipped with a micro HM 325 microtome. Slides can be prepared for molecular studies and laser capture dissection.
  • Tissue Staining: The laboratory provides a variety of standard pathological stains for histochemical analysis of tissues. For routine Hematoxylin and Eosin tissue staining, the lab has a Histo-Tek SL automated slide stainer, and for immunohistochemistry there is a Dako automated immunostainer. In addition, the laboratory works with investigators to develop immunostaining approaches for detecting specific targets of interest.
  • Aperio Digital Slide Scanning and Imaging: Digital slide scanning and image analysis are quickly becoming the standard for research pathology. Digital scanning and image analysis provides the most consistent and objective analysis for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence, and removes much of the selection bias and human error inherent in traditional semi-quantitative scoring. These scanners allow whole-slide scanning, digital storage, image analysis at magnifications ranging from <1x to 400x.
    • Aperio Scanscope FL: Fluorescence digital scanning
    • Aperio Scanscope CS: Bright-field digital scanning
    • Aperio ImageScope: Free Aperio software which includes algorithms for image analysis: color deconvolution, immunohistochemistry nuclear, immunohistochemistry membrane, positive pixel count, and HistoRx for immunofluorescence quantification
    • Aperio eSlide Manager: A Spectrum® database that is accessible from anywhere on campus, and image analysis may be batched for large groups of slides and conducted automatically on the server.
  • Consultation: Project planning is facilitated by consultation with investigators prior to projects submission to the ExPath laboratory. ExPath staff provide assistance with antibody selection and optimization, protocol development, and troubleshooting. In addition, investigators can consult with clinical pathologists regarding data analysis and interpretation. This can be arranged as a fee-for-service arrangement, which is primarily used for one time assistance, or by facilitating academic collaborations between researchers and pathologists, which is more common for ongoing projects.







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