UAMS, DNA Damage and Toxicology Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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The DNA Damage and Toxicology Core provides expertise, equipment and facilities to perform DNA damage and toxicology studies related to toxic or hypoxic tissue/cell injury in drug development, diseases or aging. In addition to offering standard cytotoxicity assays, the core can measure oxidative damage and quantify levels of apoptosis and necrosis in cells and tissues by using quantitative cytochemistry, immunocytochemistry techniques, and 3-D imaging.

Services Provided

  • Toxicity testing in vitro and in vivo
  • Isolation of DNA in damage-free conditions
  • In vitro DNA fragmentation assays
  • DNA fragmentation assays in cells (single-cell DNA fragmentation through ds- or ss-breaks by neutral or alkaline Comet assay) and tissues (in situ DNA fragmentation by TUNEL or ISEL assays) combined, if required, with quantitative immunocytochemistry and intracellular localization of cell death-associated proteins
  • Assessment of direct oxidative DNA breaks and modifications
  • Measurements of oxidative, membrane damage and apoptotic markers using quantitative immunocytochemistry
  • Measurement of apoptotic DNA-degrading enzymes activities

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