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National Center for Toxicological Research

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Keywords: organ-on-a-chip, biomarker

The Division of Neurotoxicology focuses on increasing FDA’s understanding of the processes associated with neurotoxic outcomes—harmful effects associated with the brain and nervous system. This increased understanding enables identification of neurological disease mechanisms and provides a knowledgebase for regulatory decision making related to diagnosis and treatment of various conditions that can impact the brain. Long term impacts of exposure to specific compounds associated with FDA regulated products on brain development, function, and chemistry is also evaluated for specific age groups.


  • Bruker 47/40 MRI (4.7T)
  • Samsung Neurologica CT scanner and data collection
  • MicroPET Focus 220
  • Harvard Bioscience MEA-VMT2 Micro Electrode Array (MEA) Equipment – in vitro and in vivo extracellular recordings and electrical stimulation
  • Vitrocell 6/3 in vitro gaseous anesthetic exposure equipment
  • Protein Simple WES and Li-Cor Odyssey protein quantification systems
  • Cytation, Calcium Imaging, confocal imaging systems and microinjection system.
  • Fortessa flow cytometer
  • Blood-brain-barrier and Alzheimer’s disease on a chip technology and automatic trans-epithelial electrical resistance (TEER) reader
  • Bioplex 200 multiplex biomarker detection and analysis system

All potential use of NCTR equipment must be aligned with NCTR’s mission and may require a technology transfer agreement:

NCTR conducts scientific research to generate data for FDA decision making, and develops and supports innovative tools and approaches that FDA uses to protect and promote individual and public health.


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