UAMS, Bioinformatics Core

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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Bioinformatics Core Services

The UAMS Bioinformatics Core offers cutting edge analyses for genomics and proteomics experiments.


  1. RNA-sequencing
  2. DNA methylation
  3. ChIP-sequencing
  4. 10x Genomics Single-cell RNA-sequencing


  1. Label-free quantitation – spectral counts or intensity based quantitation
  2. Tandem-Mass-Tag Multiplex quantitation – MS3 intensity based quantitation
  3. PhosphoTMT – identification and quantitation of phosphorylation modifications

UAMS Bioinformatics Equipment

Computational Resources include:

  • UAMS high Performance Computing (HPC) cluster: Our HPC is composed of 96 traditional Xeon CPU nodes each with 28 cores and 128 GB of memory (2688 CPU cores), 96 Xeon Phi nodes each with 64 cores, of which 80 have 384 GB of memory and 16 have 192 GB of memory (6144 Phi cores total), 4 Xeon nodes with 24 cores and 128 GB of memory plus 2 NVIDIA GPUs (96 CPU cores, 8 GPUs with 27,264 total cores), 6 management/login/storage interface nodes and 1.9 PB of high speed storage (DDN Gridscaler). All components are interconnected via 100Gbps Omnipath interconnects and attached to external storage and the Internet (both commercial and I2) with redundant 10Gbps Ethernet interfaces. Intermediate storage is provided by a 350TB NAS and long term/backup storage is provided by a 4.2 PB object storage system (Dell/EMC ECS appliances).
  • PowerStation GX2: We have two PowerStation GX2 Advanced Workstations (PSSC Labs). Each Linux workstation contains 40 Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Cores for a total of 80 cores with hyperthreading enabled, two GOLD 6148 processors, 128 GB of high performance memory, 22 TB of RAID5 storage, CentOS 64-bit operating system, and a maintenance kit from PSSC Labs.
  • Dell Windows PCs: The facility is equipped with three Precision Tower 7910, four Precision Tower 7810, three Precision Tower 7600, two OptiPlex 9010, and one OptiPlex 9020 Windows PCs.

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